We go by the saying »Bag`em and tag`em«. We like smooth, tactical and realistic game-play on our gaming nights, which are mostly held on the weekends. Servers are always hosted by the person, who has the fastest internet connection. We plan on having our own dedicated server in the future. Events are usually announced 3-4 days prior to the event. Missions used in our events are created by the leaders themselves. Missions are created in a way, so that the player operating the Zeus creates his own unique scenario every time. If you like tactics, communication, realism and guns, join us and we can help you to become a real PSG!!

Extra information: For mods, most of us use Steam Workshop, with which is very easy to download and install all the mods required to play with the PSG Unit. Mods may sometimes change a little bit, but do not worry. You will be informed in advance, so make sure you join the Steam group to be always on track with the news regarding to our unit.

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