Manufacturing consent and Ideology

Very useful book and concepts (“manufacturing consent” & “propaganda model”) by Chomsky and Herman to teach media literacy and to discuss with students how consent for economic, social, and political policies is “manufactured” in the public mind via media intentional manipulations and implicit biases.

However, such models always come a bit short because they assume the existence of neutral social reality that only gets ideologically distorted trough biased media reporting. The last step in critique of any ideology should rather move from naive understanding of ideology as “false consciousness” – an illusory representation of reality – and should show how material reality itself (existing power-relations) is ” always already ideological” in itself. That is to say: ideological is not the false consciousness of a social reality but rather the social reality itself only supported with the corresponding practical consciousness.

To sum up: ideology is not in a (false) belief but in every day practises that sustain social reality and spontaneously produce the narratives to understand and reproduce it. Even if the old Greeks haven’t truly believed in Olympus gods privately their social reality for sure functioned as they did.